Organic Hair Products

Organic Colour Systems Product Contents

The Organics Colour System range is based on certified organic ingredients, with the minimum of chemicals. Steering clear of ammonia, the natural, organic formula maintains hair’s protein and moisture balance. You won’t find plastics, parabens, lauryl sulphites or sodium chloride (salt) in the Organics Colour System. Industrial-grade peroxide has been replaced with gentler pharmaceutical grade and sunflower oil provides a natural UV filter.

Permanent Hair Colour

Organic Colour Systems is the first-ever range of permanent colours made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals…to colour hair as naturally as possible. Which means it is gentle but effective and easily colours even resistant grey hair.

And because hair responds better to natural ingredients it looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant, longer-lasting colour.

Semi- permanent hair colour

No Limits semi-permanent hair colour. Is available in bright and vibrant shades or natural shades. This offers a fantastic way to refresh shades in-between colouring or to change the tone for a short period of time. The colour should last between 13 and 30 washes.

Another great advantage of this range is that the colours are free from both PPDs and PTDs, making them ideal for clients who are allergic to those pigments. No Limits use direct dyes rather than oxidative pigments.

Aqua Boost- Moisturising hair care range

Aqua Boost uses certified organic aloe, natural black oat extract, vitamin B5 and lecithin to nourish dry or damaged hair and leave it naturally moisturised, smooth and shiny. Designed to revive the structure of dry or damaged hair. Improves colour retention and leaves your hair soft and supple.

Power Build- Strengthening hair care range

Power Build uses certified organic natural sunflower seed extract, natural extracts of lemon, apple and green tea along with wheat protein and vitamin B5 to add strength and volume to hair. Designed to add strength and volume to fine or weak hair. Renews shine and suppleness and improves colour retention.

Soothe Plus- Soothing hair care range

Soothe Plus is packed full of botanical and certified organic ingredients to soothe and calm even highly sensitive or irritated skin. Designed for highly sensitive or irritated scalps, pH balanced and perfume-free.

Hair styling and control products

Our unique range of styling products uses the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals to leave styled hair looking naturally healthier with long-lasting hold.

Most styling products use plastics to coat the hair, so styled hair ends up dry and damaged with a crispy, crunchy feeling. Organic Colour Systems is different. We treat hair kindly and it shows.